“Open” Door Policy

“Open” Door Policy Submitted from Paul MacCormack, General Manager & Superintendent We have been asked a few times lately about the dryness of the golf course. “Don’t you have irrigation?”…“Why are the fairways so hard?” These are just a couple of the common questions that we get during dry spells like we have experienced over… Read more »

2016 Fox Pass – Great Value

We’re pleased to offer an amazing golf offer to our members, guests and new guests…2016 Fox Pass. For only $99 plus taxes the Fox Pass includes 2 green fees, golf car, 1 private lesson, 5 bucket of balls and 2 for 1 appetizers at the Fox Den. This is has a retail value of over $300 and… Read more »


This is often a dirty word for golfers…it ranks right up there with ‘frost delay’. Both things are inevitable during the golf season and both make you as the golfer unhappy. But the key to accepting aerating, is understanding why we do it. There are many benefits to aerating and they all go a long… Read more »

Then and Now

The winter of 2015 was definitely one to remember. Record snow falls, buried houses and endless amounts of shovelling left us all pining for summer. We here at Fox Meadow were no different, but unfortunately what we uncovered once the snow cleared was not what we had hoped to find. This was the first pass… Read more »

Our Philosophy at Fox Golf Academy

Golf can be a complicated and frustrating game. If you’ve played it before, I don’t need to tell you this. What I CAN tell you, is it doesn’t have to be! Here at the Fox Golf Academy, we take pride in simplifying the game of golf. From the putter to the driver, we make things… Read more »