2024 Green Fees

HolesWalkingRiding in cart
Regular Green Fee18 Holes$95$25/SEAT
9 Holes$50$15/SEAT
Islander Rate18 Holes$70$25/SEAT
9 Holes$38$15/SEAT
Member Guest18 Holes$60$15/SEAT
9 Holes$35$10/SEAT


Golf Cart - 18 Holes$25Per seat
Member Golf Cart - 18 Holes$15Per seat
Clubs – Daily$40Per set
Range Balls$8Per bucket

2024 Season Passes

Membership slots are fully booked for the 2024 season. Please click here to review our updated terms and conditions for joining the waiting list.

Premier (Full, Golf Cart, & Range Membership)$2400
Full (7 Day Play)$1825
Three Day$1125
Two Day$940
Ladies League (with Golf Cart)$460
Ladies League (walking)$390
Same Day Play (Monday or Wednesday)$675
Junior Premier (Full & Range Membership)$575
Range (with an existing membership)$425
Golf Cart (Same Day Member)$300 per seat
Golf Cart (Two Day Member)$425 per seat
Golf Cart (Three Day Member)$500 per seat
Golf Canada Membership$42.50

Group bookings available

To book a group please contact Leigh Read at (902) 394-0927