Then and Now

The winter of 2015 was definitely one to remember. Record snow falls, buried houses and endless amounts of shovelling left us all pining for summer. We here at Fox Meadow were no different, but unfortunately what we uncovered once the snow cleared was not what we had hoped to find.


This was the first pass into the putting green, 10 hours later it was completely blown off.

Our fairways and tees were not in bad shape, but several of our putting surfaces suffered varying degrees of damage. The decision was made early on to replace the damaged turf with new sod, and once we committed we never looked back. We have since been rewarded with ever improving turf conditions as a result of that early decision.


These photos show the damage, repair work, and present day condition at the 12th green.


This was the damage and repairs done to #11 green.


The Putting Green repairs did not involve sod. Instead we used aerification cores and new seed.


We used the sod from the big green at the Academy to repair the greens. That meant we got to grow in a brand new green! It was a great learning opportunity for our younger turf staff.

At this stage in the season we are very encouraged by the results of our early season damage repair. The recovery process will continue for the rest of the season. Extra aerification, sand, and plugging will continue til the snow flies again in order to prepare the surfaces for next year.

We would like to give a big shout out to the Turf Department and all our staff for the extra effort that was made during this time.

Thanks so much for reading,
Paul MacCormack
General Manager & Superintendent


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