Our Philosophy at Fox Golf Academy

Golf can be a complicated and frustrating game. If you’ve played it before, I don’t need to tell you this. What I CAN tell you, is it doesn’t have to be! Here at the Fox Golf Academy, we take pride in simplifying the game of golf.

From the putter to the driver, we make things as simple as possible so you can spend less time thinking, and more time enjoying the game. Our team of trained professionals are not about making you swing our way, it’s about taking your natural swing, and making slight adjustments to help you improve. It is a huge part of our teaching philosophy that we not only instruct, we also educate.

It is one thing to instruct you on the ways you can improve, but it’s another to educate you. You will not always have an instructor watching you swing. A large part of our job is to give you the know-how and confidence that you can identify the when, how and why of your mistakes and how to best correct them.

Stop being frustrated and let us help make the game fun again!

Submitted by Trevor Giggey, Head Professional

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